I purchased a 2011 Kia Sorento from Hallen Kia in February of 2011 Part of my deal was that they would install a 2 way remote start alarm system. About a year later I begain to have problems with the vehicle not starting I had to contact Kia road side assistance to have the vehicle jump started over 10 times.

One of these incidents I was near a Kia dealership in Mentor and I took

the vehicle there after perfoming a dianostic that I was charged $59.00 for they determined that the problem was the alarm system and recommended that I return to Hallen (since they installed the alarm for service.) I then returned to Hallen Kia with receipt and finding from Mentor Kia in hand and they then charged me another $56.00 for a second diagnostic they then removed the alarm system and asked me to drive the vehicle normally to see if I continued to have the same problem. They also assured me that if the alarm system was the issue that I would be reimbursed for the 2 diagnostics that were perfomed on the vehicle.

well a month later it was confirmed that the alarm system was the problem. When I asked Don at Halleen Kia when I would recieve my money for the diagnostic he informed me that I would be recieving it from George (who installed the alarm) I replied that I did not have any dealing with George that I dealt with Halleen and I paid my money to Halleen he gave me a telephone number and told me to call George The Don from Halleen Kia stated to me that Hallen Kia no longer had anything to do with this.

Monetary Loss: $116.

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